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  • Guess what is the difference between a 30 hour Paid 10,000-15,000 Rupees course and a 30 Hour Free Tutorial on YouTube? 
  • Even, some of the most Qualified teachers have their tutorials on YouTube. There are plenty of platforms like GeeksForGeeks, W3schools which provide best quality content for free.

So where is the bug?

  • After doing some research and asking hundreds of students who are struggling to learn Programming, we finally found the bug! 
  • The major and most significant difference is Lack of Doubt Discussion. In most succesful paid courses, we have a group of students who learn same topic everyday and try out same programming questions and help each other to clear doubts. 
  • So, if a small group of students structure a study plan, decide syllabus and resources, and start learning like a Class then Learning Programming will be very easy.

Why Large groups on WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord are not very useful?

  • Very minimum personal interaction possible in large number of people.
  • People in large Groups are not learning same topic and thus are not attempting same questions, and thus it is not possible that doubts will be Solved.
  • If a Single person start learning Programming and eventually loose confidence then there is No-One to guide him/her that how to do it and proceed further.
  • They are learning different content and trying different Questions
  • Syllabus, resources, learning Structure is not same.

What is the Solution?

  • We will make groups of strictly maximum 20 people each.
  • A Group will Strictly follow same resources, syllabus and try same set of Questions everyday.
  • We will be be following properly structured schedule and Syllabus.
  • We will often organise online meetings for discussions.

A suitable Roadmap for Placements

  1. Learn Programming in C++
  2. Master Data Structures and Algorithms.
  3. Learn MERN Stack
  4. Make projects in MERN Stack
  5. Then enhance Soft Skills.