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 Enhance your connections and build new ones by making your Selfideo. Share your best ideas, Experiences and Knowledge through a small video made using your own mobile phone. This video will be featured Across YouTube and other Social Media Platforms.

***5 points***


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Making my selfideo was an interesting and enjoyable task.I felt more connected and live by expressing my ideas and experiences to those who can get inspiration from it.

Shivam Maini Placed at Amazon
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I always want to help peolpe grow and achieve whatever they wish to be in their life. Selfideo is one way through which i conveyed my message to people.

Divyanshu Taluja NLP trainer and Coach
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According to me, Public Speaking is one the most important skill to learn. Through Selfideo, I got a practical chance to share my thoughts.

Jatin Hooda Placed at amazon

Public Speaking